Life in the Static is a simple atmospheric platforming game where you have an ability to stop time. 

Umm... I don't know what else to say and the description looks spare, so I'll just list my favorite things in alphabetical order:

- Alphabet

- Dogs

- Pizza

- Tom Hanks (pre-2000s only unfortunately)

- Z-More Pizza.


Arrow Keys – Move 

Z or Space Bar – Jump 

X – Stop Time 

R – Restart

 Escape – Pause


Left Stick or D-Pad – Move 

A – Jump 

X – Stop Time 

Back – Restart

 Start – Pause 

*The game was tested with XBOX 360 controller only.

If you notice any slowdown during the game, you can change the frame-rate and/or turn off the shaders in the options. 

You can also download stand-alone version, which is faster and more stable, it also runs in higher resolution.

If you liked the game and would like to see more content in the future you can support me by giving me MONEY through Patreon! 

Or you can tell me to go f myself... but I want you to know - this will not change my feelings towards you in anyway.


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Install instructions

Instructions on how to run the game:

1. Download zip file.

2.Unzip the content.

3.Realise how beautiful of the person you are.

4.Run Life in the Static Easy.exe;



Life in the Static 10 MB


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imcredible work !!

Fun game, with some small tweaks and more levels & obstacles, this could make it as a full title. I do agree that the small transition period before time stopping can get frustrating. Overall, great work!

and also i loves your humor

yah totally weird that guy down there havent played your game VVVV what a loser

go f yourself nah i just kidding i really enjoyed the game havent played it yet though weird

indeed a really nice game, good jump mechanics, the animation jucyness is just enough for this type of game and the timestop ability is keep fresh and interesting with the addition of these

extra blocks in the game. though the last 2-3 levels seemed a little bit rushed i think.

i think if you maybe doubled the length and polished the levels a little bit more you could definitly sell this game outright.

i personally dont think its any use to sell 20hour+ games when 80% of players wont play longer than 2hours anyways so small and short games are right up my alley ^^

Really enjoyed this game.

simple and awesome

Quite fun and it doesn't overstay it's welcome. While fun to play, it doesn't become repetitive with the short length. 

Noice Job

Wow, this game is amazing. :D

And so is this comment.


very cool game with a good concept but the delay before stoping time is really frustrating xD


Oh, boy you wouldn't want to see the early draft with even longer transition then.

XD what an evil man !


Short but enjoyable... Smooth animations and feeling finished.  (In unlike most small games)


Thanks dude.