Not an informative description

Puzzle game where a little doodle comes to life. 

The game does contain:

- 18 levels.

- ...

- Character you can control.

- 5 different sound effects (Don't complain this would be outstanding in the early 80s. Well, maybe not outstanding but not below average... Maybe  just a little bit below average).

The game does not contain:

- Meaning of life.

- Penguins.

True, this section is dedicated to controls

*The game was tested with XBOX 360 controller only.

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We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 4: Puzzles

great game! really enjoyed!

I’m not sure why I struggled so much with these puzzles...clearly I’m just an idiot 😭 great game and mechanics too, well thought out! 😊 

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This was really charming. I agree with the other comment - there could be a longer game in this. 

A thought: if you added a mechanic where the doodle can push the actual pieces of paper around, I bet you could make some tough puzzles.

Simple but addicting. I like the unique mechanic and how you've used it in the game. Also, the difficulty increase felt good and it's cool that you changed up the level objectives (boxes, buttons, keys, etc).

I think this could be something that, if made longer with more puzzle variety etc, you could make it a paid product.